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Please help spread CRPS/RSD awareness

Please help spread CRPS/RSD awareness to help those that suffer from it. Mercifully I don`t, but I know someone that does.

Cold = Pain.

Chronic pain/ Chronic Pancreatitis /Fibromyalgia/ Sugar Diabetes/ GERD/ Bi-polar with PTSD/ Back Injuries/ Chronic Fatigue/ Nausea/ Anxiety/ Gastroparesis!

CRPS-RSD this is what it feels like. Plus add hot stabbing jabs, nerve endings going crazy, sensitive to touch and the pain in unimaginable!! I would have 100 babies if I could rid of this. Too bad amputation will not end it either!!

CRPS causes nerve pain that burns and itches. The sensation of fire and icicles at the same time. There are so many physical issues in CRPS not just the pain.