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sara lotta saskia
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“definitely getting sick, but i managed to look human today. my hair is even clean... it's shocking hair @emily_snips face #maybelline fit me…”

“✨honestly I don't see you wearing lashes✨ it looks like you have naturally thick and long lashes✨💋💋 lashes in the style True Love”


This is going to happen. And I will be on the background screaming my lungs out. And happy tears will come down my face.

"Now they get drunk because they can't be together..." the tears are real

An Elounor shipper commented and told me to leave harryandlouis alone and let them live their lives when all I do is ship them before she wrote a paragraph on why shipping larry was wrong. It was so hypocritical .


No it's not a coincidence anymore. just putting my opinion out there, I don't believe in Larry. I believe in Houis, the bromace/friendship not the romance.