Sad that the show ended, but I’ll forever love Ben Schwartz for voicing Dewey
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an abstract painting of a blue wave with a yellow fish in the water and white clouds
an animated cartoon character in front of a night sky background
Dewey Duck Wallpaper
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First Mate Dewey Here!
an image of a cartoon character doing tricks on his skateboard with one leg up
ozzy 🦤 on Twitter
a drawing of a cartoon character holding a baseball glove in one hand and wearing a blue shirt on the other
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Dewey, by Angrimator on DeviantArt
a cartoon character holding a garden tool in front of a potted plant and dirt
an image of a cartoon character with a thought bubble above it that says,'this bad boy can fit so much emotion in travan '
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a cartoon character riding a surfboard on top of a wave in the ocean,
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