How to fill balloons.. Instead of pinatas for parties. Great idea so that each child can pop one balloon and get the goodies inside.

I wish I knew this tip for filling balloons with treats! 44 for Halloween sucked! to fill balloons. Instead of pinatas for parties. Great idea so that each child can pop one balloon and get the goodies inside.

Lumipallosota - lapset kirjoittavat paperille kolme asiaa itsestään, eivät nimeään. He rypistävät paperin palloksi. Merkistä alkaa "lumipallosota". Minuutin kuluttua kukin nappaa lähimmän pallon itselleen ja yrittää arvata, kuka lumipallon kirjoitti.

Snowball Fight-students write 3 things about themselves on a sheet of white paper, w/o their names. At the end of 1 minute, each student grabs the nearest snowball and tries to guess who wrote it.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar Party Invitations

These Very Hungry Caterpillar ideas are great fun! Find 21 Very Hungry Caterpillar craft, activities and recipes. Try these Very Hungry Caterpillar crafts.

paper dolls from different eras and cultures - for art history

Paper Dolls

Paper dolls of ancient history- Ancient Egypt Ancient Vikings Ancient Rome Elizabethan Era Ancient China Ancient Japan Ancient India. P&P: an educational example. I would like to do historical paper dolls to cut out and dress.

pumpkin (or easter egg) balloon dart game. Fill with candy and if they pop it, they win it! :)  I'm scared of popping balloons so there would've been no candy for me but it's still a cool idea

Fall Festival Party Ideas

Heimer, are you still looking for fall games? Pop the Pumpkin Game. Fill balloons with candy and let the kids pop with straight pins or throw darts.


tékozló fiú apja Lesson 21 The Loving Father: Matt. 18 - welcoming arms of the loving father to the prodigal son

We cannot get enough of these Dyed Minion Easter Eggs from A Pumpkin And A Princess using PAAS egg dye.

Healthier Hot Cross Buns, Egg Dishes for Easter, and other Things I'm Thinking About on Tuesday

Father's Day Card Game. Would be fun for him to do while he eats his breakfast in bed. :)

Free, Printable Cards for Father's Day: Father's Day Card Game by Paper & Pigtails

Have to remember this

Healthy Halloween kid snack idea - great for school parties or kids lunch box. Ghost bananas and orange pumpkins