Fun ways to kids to make a graph... these are great ideas for introducing the concept to kids ages 4-6!

Graphing activities for kindergarten

E is for Explore!: Musical Fractions activity

Musical Fractions-- This may be my favorite idea for teaching fractions. * math/music integration---This is super cool.

Human body Systems foldable

Human body Systems foldable

Hoe zit het in elkaar: lichaam. Human body Systems foldable - have your child color before you cut out. Fold as a paper doll or cut out each and layer, attaching at the top with a staple.

layers of the earth

Nomenclature Cards: Parts of the Earth (color) - Set of color nomenclature cards, showing and naming parts of the earth from core to crust.

How far away from the Sun is Neptune?  Why, 224 sheets of toilet paper away!  This great activity from Beakers and Bumblebees uses strips of toilet paper to make a scale model of our solar system -

Toilet Paper science: Mercury, the closest planet to the sun was 3 sheets of toilet paper from the sun. Neptune, the farthest planet from the sun, was 224 sheets of toilet paper from the sun.

Pieni lintukuvasto - luontokuvasto lapsille

Pieni lintukuvasto - luontokuvasto lapsille