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Sun parakeets

Sun parakeet or sun conure (Aratinga solstitialis) Medium-sized brightly colored parrot native to north-eastern South America.

Antelope Canyon, Arizona Antelope Canyon is the most-visited and most-photographed slot canyon in the American Southwest. It is located on Navajo land near Page, Arizona.

Grand Canyon, Arizona.

>>>>To truly experience all the majesty of the Grand Canyon, you have to raft it! + South rim of the Grand Canyon, Arizona. This is so spectacular to see in person. Photos cannot capture the magnitude of beauty and awe in this place.

Battleship island in Japan

Abandoned Battleship Island, Japan housed what it should have with obscenely crowded apartments like this. Now, entire island is abandoned & restricted to the public. These derelict sky-scraping ghettos fall without an ear to hear them.