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a woman with tattoos on her head and neck
Just in case you guys forgot about this custom tattoo that was drawn on my head and neck with a sharpie by @tattoosbyjes and tattooed in 4 hours 🔥 It won tattoo of the day the first day of Puerto Rico's international tattoo convention hosted by @yallzee I know there is a shit ton of copies of it now, but here is the o.g snake head
a woman's leg with a tattoo on it and a pink diamond in the center
17.1 mil curtidas, 734 comentários - Tatuagens Femininas ➴ Tattoo's (@tatuagensfemininas) no Instagram: “Diamante e ornamentos. Realismo total. Impressionante! { Realism / Diamond} • Tattoo Artist:…”
an artistic tattoo with a cat and rose on the leg, done by lavina churnaki
✨Laura Anunnaki✨ on Instagram: “🎀♥️🐈Magical sparkly Jiji🐈♥️🎀 Kiki’s delivery service is one of my favorite movies from Studio Ghibli! But my number one will be forever is…”
a woman's thigh with two skulls and flowers on it, both in black and white
#tattoo by @hellville_arts ... ... ... ... #traditional #traditionaltattoo #traditionalartist #oldtattoo #oldschooltattoo #tattooartist #tattooart #tattoos #ink #inked #classictattoo
a black and white photo of a man's leg with an animal tattoo on it
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Wolf, arm tattoo on TattooChief.com
a person's hand with tattoos on it
flowers on Tumblr
dandelion hand tattoos | Tumblr
a man's arm with a black and white tattoo on it, depicting a woman in the woods
This evenings dark artist spotlight is sponsored by @customcursesart @customcursesart . Artist IG: @michaeltaguet With an impressive dark piece #darkartists #darkart #tattooart #spotlightonartists #michaeltaguet #customcursesartgallery #bng #customcursesclothing #wicked
a man's arm with a black and white tattoo on it, depicting a woman holding
Incredible Sunbeam Tattoo Idea. The light and shading in this tattoo piece is just shockingly good!
sketch-tattoos-inne-inez-janiak-8-5807154559b5c__700 Marionette Tattoo, Sketch Tattoos, Polish Tattoos, Cage Tattoos, Pink Rose Tattoos, Sketch Style Tattoos
13 originálních tetování jako skica – od polské umělkyně - CREATIVELIFE.CZ - UMĚNÍ, SVOBODA, KREATIVNÍ ŽIVOT
a person with a penguin tattoo on their arm
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a person with a tattoo on their arm that has zebras and giraffes
A collection of vegan tattoos from around the world. Submit yours and tell us a little about it!
three different views of tattoos on the arms
tove – Matt Cooley Tattoo
Moomin Sleeve by Matt Cooley