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there are many potted plants on the shelf
015 Gorse Paint - 2.5 L
A rich, organic mustard yellow. Inspired by the windy, open moors covered in bright yellow, spiky gorse bushes and dried bright orange Autumnal leaves.
a bed with pillows and blankets on top of it
30 Cool And Inspiring Bedroom Wall Decor Ideas
Since most of the time you spend in your bedroom, you are asleep, it may seem like investing too much energy into decorating your bedroom isn't worth it. But as your bedroom is where you begin and finish your day, it should inspire you for a happy and productive day as well as a refreshing good night’s sleep. One great way to do it is to explore bedroom wall decor ideas
a bedroom with an orange wall and blue bedding, two side tables on either side
Interieurinspiratie: Binnenkijken in het kleurrijke huis van Jean-Paul & Rick van @kastjenaardem
kleurrijke slaapkamer detail @kastjenaardemuur