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Awesome / FANDOMS UNITE! / Books>>>> these are SOME of my favorite book fandoms!

Twilight taught me that being in a controlled, abusive, jealous and suffocating relationship is not good Lord of the ring taught be that even if you are small, you can do great things Hehehe Keep on reading my fellow bookwurms

Awesome / Books / FANDOMS UNITE! (What's the flower symbol mean…?)

harry potter flower books tmi hunger games percy jackson pjo the fault in our stars fangirl the mortal instruments the infernal devices fandoms tfios looking for alaska TID divergent dauntless angelic rune fangirlbooks

Avengers, Vampire Academy, Hunger Games, Divergent, Agents of SHIELD, Vampire Diaries, The Originals, Pretty Little Liars, The Maze Runner, Agent Carter, Percy Jakcson, The Mortal Instruments, BBC Sherlock, DOCTOR WHOO, Tolkien,FALL OUT BOY, Supernatural, Percy JACKSON!,Harry Potter

Castle>>bones>>divergent>> hunger games>>here comes the boom>>the amazing spider man>> Reba>> iron man>> frozen>>tangled>> avengers>> Disney>>DOCTOR WHO>> THE PERCY JACKSON FANDAM! XD>>>motafam>> Aplin Apples>>Sherlock>>supernatural>>the maze runner