As a war between Russia and Sweden concludes, two brothers who are part of an effort to outline new border accords become undone by their actions, and their mistreatment of a young woman during their journey.

Mother of Mine

Mother of Mine (2005)

Äideistä Parhain (Mother of Mine) a Finnish-sWEDISH film (based on the novel of the same name by Heikki Hietamies) about a 9 year old child evacuated to Sweden during the Fenno-Russian Continuation War (Jatkosota).


The movie Härmä, about the distinguished Ostrobothnian farmer life in the past, and the generally known perseverance and ambitions of Ostrobothnian people


Christmas Story - beautifully filmed story of Santa Claus. Unfortunately it is dubbed in English, imaging it would be even better in Finnish.

Musta jää (2007)

Musta jää (2007)

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The poster from the Finnish film PUHDISTUS ("Purge"), featuring Laura Birn photographed by Henrik Karlberg (2012)

Puhdistus The Purge, film and great novel by Sofi Oksanen

Black ice (Musta jää) movie poster

Black ice (Musta jää) movie poster


Translated as "The midwife", beautiful execution, story, visually and musically. Rarely the film is as good as the book. I highly recommend.


Movie poster Härmä a Finnish film, directed JP Siili

Game Over

Game Over