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As a war between Russia and Sweden concludes, two brothers who are part of an effort to outline new border accords become undone by their actions, and their mistreatment of a young woman during their journey.

Mother of Mine

Mother of Mine (2005)

Äideistä Parhain (Mother of Mine) a Finnish-sWEDISH film (based on the novel of the same name by Heikki Hietamies) about a 9 year old child evacuated to Sweden during the Fenno-Russian Continuation War (Jatkosota).


Härmä, as a warning, it has quite many violent brutal scenes. But I still had to add it to inspiring movies.


Christmas Story - beautifully filmed story of Santa Claus. Unfortunately it is dubbed in English, imaging it would be even better in Finnish.

Musta jää (2007)

Musta jää (2007)

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The poster from the Finnish film PUHDISTUS ("Purge"), featuring Laura Birn photographed by Henrik Karlberg (2012)

A tormented young woman is given a hiding place by an elderly lady and soon they are reminded of their mutual horrendous past. Purge 2012 Film Online Subtitrat in Romana

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