Amethyst warrior (Shirei - Pullip Chill)

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Details (Lilia - Pullip Sfoglia)

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Little girls (Rima - Dal Tweety, Disney - Dal Kagamine Rin, Roxette "Rory" - Dal Icarus, Daphne - Dal Angry and Memoria - Dal Tina)

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Alice's fall (Lilia - Pullip Sfoglia)

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Cold heart don't care (Haigha - Pullip Prunella)

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Haigha - Pullip Prunella

Red ladies (Daphne - Dal Angry and Rory - Dal Icarus)

The world is full of kings and queens that blind your eyes and steal your dreams (Haigha - Pullip Prunella and Edriel - Pullip Eos)

And she'll be the queen (Edriel - Pullip Eos)

"Help me, can't you see I'm stuck!" (Daphne - Dal Angry)

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