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a person is holding a colorful piece of yarn and a comb in their lapel
When you want to try darning but don't have a fancy speedweve
several pieces of denim with stitchs and holes on them are laid out in the shape of squares
a black bag with white flowers on it hanging from a wooden hook in front of a bed
a black and white shirt hanging on a wooden door
an embroidered circle with small blue dots on the inside of it, in front of a white background
Colorful Embroidered Letter Iron on Applique Patch,embroidery Name Letters Patch for T-shirt or Coat,decoration Embroidery Appliques Patches - Etsy
several different patterns are shown on a black surface with white lines and dots in the middle
several pieces of blue cloth laid out on a table next to some scissors and thread
Neza Studio Hand Made Sashiko Tea Cup Coasters Mat Indigo Blue Boro Patchwork Fabric Hand Stitching Table Coasters Dining Mat - Etsy
a black t - shirt with an intricate design on the front and back, hanging from a wooden hanger