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Paper strip Christmas trees - easy, colorful, flexible craft for small children (or, merry-making Christmas art for creatives of all ages)

Help kids learn to tie their shoe laces by making your own DIY shoe lacing cards

DIY shoe lacing cards

Create easy DIY lacing cards to help kids learn to tie their shoe laces - this isn't a printable but instructions on how to make a shoe that looks like your child's

Zawieszki choineczki

Enfeite de natal - Árvore com linhas coloridas

Opi piirtämään sarjakuvakettu. Harjoittele myös perspektiiviä (mitä kauempana asia on, sitä pienempänä se piirretään).

Draw a Cute Fox

cc PERSPECTIVE: Draw a Cartoon Fox, a fun cartoon drawing project that includes a little perspective lesson too.