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Free downloadable pattern for a paper "Brain Hat!"

Brain Hat Activity:Learn about the major lobes of the brain while utilizing multiple intelligences. I use this activity to explain the structure of the cerebrum and cerebral cortex, learn the lobes, and learn the functions of each regions of the brain.

emotions: blij, boos, bang, verdrietig? Ontdek de taal van emoties. TIP's op

If you do not photoshop a penis in my mouth in at least one of these; YOU ARE NOT A REAL MAN. My chihuahua Alice helps out with her own wacky expressions, including "winky" and Blank: Why are you n.

more faces / emotions

Facial expression reference image Categories of emotion as defined by facial expressions. It's good knowing this when you have a caricature you're carving. I really enjoy crossing over the lines and mixing two of these together.


9 pages of great activities for the first week of school! Includes a bulletin board idea(with template), personal and classmate interviews, writing prompts and more! All of these activities can be found in my complete Back To School Unit

Emotional Intelligence infographic

Emotional Intelligence wrote about it in my book! Penina Rybak MA/CCC-SLP CEO Socially Speaking LLC Author: "The NICE Reboot: How to Become a Better Female Entrepreneur-How to Balance Your Craving for Humanity & Technology in Today's Sta