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Roselli's traditional Axe is an effective woodcutting tool, whether used while camping or at the summer cottage.

Gravel/adventure bikes have gone very quickly from the latest craze to a significant part of most bike companies' ranges. These bikes are tailored for long-distance comfort, with disc brakes, big tyre clearance and geometry honed to excel both on the road and off, whether it's a gravel, forest or dirt track.

18 of the best 2017 gravel & adventure bikes — super-versatile bikes that are at home on lanes, potholed streets and dirt roads

Straggler from Helsinki on 2 inch tyres

Surly designs and produces durable, versatile bikes, frames, & parts for people who ride a lot. Unless you deserve it.


All things Straggler

Surly Straggler 1x11 Ultegra to XTR via Tanpan.

Surly Straggler Ultegra to XTR via Tanpan.