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Sanna Alalauri
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some any More

Learners complete the sentences using indefinite articles or some and any. It& a typical grammar drill activity for young learners at a beginner or elementary level.

Prepositions of time

Having the prepositions of time listed and in sections is nice. But I would also have more graphic examples. I would make a worksheet where the students matched examples to the appropriate preposition of time.

Prepositions die                                                                                                                                                     More

You need a classroom item, for example a table for this game. In groups, one student throws the dice and he/she has to make the word that is in the dice.

The different types of weather vocabulary list using pictures and examples of how to use in a sentence English lesson

English vocabulary: different types of weather. For classroom activity, give kids a mini pack of weather cards. play sounds or show other pics asaociated with one of the weathers. Kids can hold up the correct card to match the correct term to the weather.