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I still remember the feeling I felt when we first kissed. Your hand on my face and part in my hair....so soft....i had butterflies and i smiled for days. I could feel your heart beating fast and so was mine....it was a magical feeling, one i never felt before and you made sure i knew you never felt that before either. That was an amazing day that i will never forget. I love you Jeremy.

I couldn't help myself but to kiss him and for the first time in my life a first kiss felt good and felt right. It just validated my feelings about the very first time I saw him, "he's the one I want to keep forever.

I remember it all. :3

That night on the island, under the trees. I'll never forget it. The most exciting night of my life. It was scary and intense and so worth it. I'll never forget you, Tracy. I will always love you. We'll see each other again.