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a wall covered in lots of different types of metal plates on display next to each other
giannetti's studio: steve's patina style beginnings...
An assortment of decorative rosette wood patterns cover one area of wall.
four pictures showing how to make a leaf bowl
DIY Leafy Garden Stepping Stones
The end look is organic and artsy, the perfect pairing. It's tough to go wrong when the main material is free. Add a few more elements and your garden pathway is transformed into something fresh and beautiful. For instructions, go to this page:
three heart shaped stained glass pieces with wings
Threee mosaic hearts and a winged heart, worked in vintage china, by mosaic artist Emma Leith
a hand made out of beads and other items
Small Eye Hand (blue eye) by Betsy Youngquist
Palm reader by Betsy Youngquist. Beautiful!
four pictures showing how to make a leaf bowl
hemmariket - Gjut egna trampplattor i betong
Stepping stones
an intricately decorated wall with many different colors and designs
Piling on the polymer color – Polymer Clay Daily
Polymer clay mosaic by Laurie Mika, see
an ornate blue door with intricate designs on it
Julie Hall Studio
Painted doors from Fès’s restored palace. Dar Tazi. Morocco | © Julie Hall
some orange flowers and green plants on the ground in front of a mosaic tile floor
Marble mosaic tiles - backyard.
a bottle that is made out of stained glass
Mosaic wine bottle, then turn into a table top torch