Taija Pitkänen

Taija Pitkänen

Taija Pitkänen
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Every day do something that you are proud of...and don't forget to celebrate your successes, no matter how small ...even if it is taking a brief moment to smile to yourself & enjoy the feeling of satisfaction. www.sagebrushcoaching.com

Sometimes you allow the closet person to you, into the deepest part of your life and they turn around and slap you with it. I have to remember that they are not happy inside or outside. Its clear to see the sasness.

Everything gets easier in the gym. I begin to think clearly and get rid of negative energy.

Committed to Get Fit: Les Mills Pump & Body Combat Hybrid Schedule Instead of reaching for a bowl of Ben and Jerry's reach for your weights and work it off and feel the burn! Guarantee you will feel so much better after a stellar workout! Trust me!

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