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Sallamaari Syrjä

Sallamaari Syrjä
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Beautiful Valkyrie

Not explicitly Norse but the Celtic chooser of the slain? Sounds like a Valkyrie to me.The Morrigan - Shape-shifting Celtic goddess of War, Fate and Death. Story in "The GODDESSES / Psychology of Female Power"

"Elements - Fire" by Cassiopeia Art.

boazpriestly: “ Elements - Fire by *CassiopeiaArt” This really reminds me of Pele, Hawaiian volcano goddess! I love this though- I’ve never imagined a European ballroom dancer volcano goddess.

Girls of Star Wars Concept Art by Wotjek Fus

pixalry: “Girls of Star Wars Concept Art - Created by Wotjek Fus Read more about the project here.