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Ever flip in my class earns them a verbal physics presentation to the class! They hate me hahaha

You see it every where kids flipping bottles, they even have a bottle flipping app game, but do your students know the science behind it?

Wiping your palm down the water stream will cause it to form two separate streams again

Surface Tension Experiment We used a thumbtack to make 4 close holes in our bottle.

Friction keeps the pencil from sliding away from the grains of rice.

pick up thousands of rice grains with a pencil; Digital Bits Science Lab: Science Experiments for Kids, Parents and Teachers; fun science experiments for young children, hundreds of experiments

Multimeter experiments with electricity and water

Multimeter experiments with electricity and water

An egg floats in salt water

This website has hundreds of great hands-on science ideas in biology, chemistry, physics, earth sci, and more! Many activities are simple enough to do with an elementary school class. Pictured here: An egg floats in salt water

These 5 science experiments are simple, so cool, and perfect for kids of all ages! These hands on experiments will get little ones excited about learning!

It would be seasonally appropriate to do this experiment during the fall to show teach students why leaves change color. I'm sure many kids wonder why this phenomenon happens, so this would be a really enlightening experiment!

Science and art activity that demonstrates pitch and vibration

Making Instruments - Sound Sandwich and Pitch Straw - Youth will create musical instruments and change the pitch of the sounds that the instruments make. Written up in the Physics curriculum.

Sound Science for Kids: Make a Craft Stick Harmonica. Fun STEM project!

This craft stick harmonica is fun to play, and you can adjust the pitch by moving the straws! It’s a neat project, and a good one to make with a group because the materials are very inexpensive. You can fit in a little science learning too – see the bot