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an electronic device sitting on top of a white table
Technology that Every Home Should Take Full Advantage Of
Transparent Television
an image of a tree with two people hanging upside down
Hanging Cocoon For Emergency Outdoor Survival | OhGizmo!
Cocoon Emergency Shelter
an image of a security camera with instructions
Awesome multitasking laser clock that keeps and displays your schedule as well as a multitude of other useful services with a simple touch of a button. Already put my name down for one.
an ipod wristband with earphones attached to it
Wear your music on wrist with this portable music player
No more running with headphone chords!! .like.
Next level Pizza Scissors #fails, Pizzas, Pizza Slice, Pizza Cutter, Pizza Slicer, Pizza Hut, Pizza, Serve, Yummy
Pizza Scissors are how Martha Stewart slices a pizza
Next level Pizza Scissors
two cell phones are sitting next to each other on a white tray with green markers
Alarming 'Ring' concept vibrates finger to wake you up
Alarming 'Ring' concept vibrates finger to wake you up -- Engadget
the back end of a bike with a handlebar attached to it
Rescue Water-Jet Pack
Resque Water-jet Pack
the clock is hanging on the wall with chains
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