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A recently discovered set of original Nikola Tesla drawings reveal a map to multiplication that contains all numbers in a simple to use system. The drawings were discovered at an antique shop in central Phoenix Arizona by local artist, Abe Zucca. They are believed to have been created during the...

A recently discovered set of drawings by Nikola Tesla reveals an incredible multiplication "map" that contains all numbers in a simple system. The sketches were hidden in a small trunk with drawings and manuscripts for

Flatten your tummy with this killer ab workout (6 weeks and not a single crunch)

‿✿⁀Health & Fitness‿✿⁀ ~~Flatten Your Belly with This Killer Ab Workout Get a tight stomach in just six weeks without doing a single crunch. This may be the easiest workout we've ever printed

© Sasham | - Exercising for bodybuilding. Seated Barbell Twist

All About Abs – 66 Exercises in Pictures! Bodybuilding, Calisthenics & Yoga (Part - The Health Science Journal

Infographic: The key to weight loss

Losing weight doesn't have to be an overly complicated endeavor, but it does require a basic understanding of how diet, exercise, and lifestyle are related. In this infographic, learn about the actual science that is behind effective weight loss.

Pin now, practice later! Free 30 min power flow yoga video

30 minute power yoga flow that's best for people who already have a consistent practice (i. - not recommended beginners). It incorporates a few arm balances, head stands, and twists, and is an all around feel good flow. I hope you enjoy!