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a pair of knitted mitts sitting on top of a couch next to knitting needles
a pair of socks sitting on top of a wooden bench
Pitkät palkkiraita kirjoneulesukat - Puikot ja kerä lankaa
Pitkät palkkiraitasukat 2
a woman is sitting on the floor with her legs crossed and holding a cup of coffee
Nalle Raita KAL -sukat
two pairs of colorful socks laying on top of a white rug with their feet in the air
the legs and ankles of a woman wearing knitted socks
a woman standing in tall grass with her legs crossed wearing socks and knee high socks
Novita Nalle: Haltin häät
the legs of a woman wearing socks and leggings are standing on some rocks
'My story' -pitkävartiset villasukat
the legs of a person wearing socks with orange and blue designs on them, standing in front of a concrete wall
Gyda sokker strikkepakke - Garnbutikken AS
the legs and ankles of a woman wearing plaid socks with gold chains on each side