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25 Books That Will Blow Your Mind

Books I wanna read off the list: * 1984 * Brave New World * Slaughterhouse Five * Fahrenheit 451 * Lord Of The Flies * The Picture Of Dorian Gray * Animal Farm * * Enders Game

Captain Jack Sparrow

"The problem is not the problem. The problem is your attitude about the problem. Do you understand?" -Captain Jack Sparrow (played by: Johnny Deep in ~ Pirates of the Caribbean Movies)

Mind BLOWN!!!!

Why I loved Jack Sparrow…

There's actually a book series (for kids) about it! I loved them! PotC was my first big fandom, just because I thought Captain Jack was such an amazing character! There's a ton of lit published by Disney about all the characters' back stories.

Seriously one of my most favorite quotes of all time. So many feels. LOTR, Merlin, Harry Potter, Sherlock, Narnia, Les Mis... So many feels.

Are you not inspired yet?

Samwise Gamgee just summed up everything I love about fictional stories.and then some brilliant person paired it with scenes from my favorites movies and tv shows.

I love you, Jack :)

Curse of the Black Pearl: Elizabeth: “Yes, the rum is gone.” Captain Jack Sparrow: “But is why the rum gone?” Dead Man’s Chest: Captain Jack Sparrow: “Elizabeth. Hide the rum.” And he never forgave and he never forgot


We’re in love…

I love, love, love Grumpy Cat. Hate twilight and hate them both to be quite honest. Sorry twilight Fandom!

7 movies you'll love that you've never heard of before

7 Movies You've Never Seen To Make Your Night In That Much Better

7 movies you'll love that you've never heard of before <- a bit unrelated, but hey! Atlantis is on there so that SORTA counts

All time favorite movie.

Is it just me, or does this soccer game have more nudity than most? from She& the Man starring Amanda Bynes, Channing Tatum

my favorite part of the movie

Run Forrest, run into my heart…

my favorite part of the movie.And now the world knows why I love this movie but rarely watch it. People pour water on my face when I watch it!