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cupcakes decorated in pastel colors with flowers
Sweet Treat Cupcake Ideas For Any Celebration : Peach and Soft Green Cupcakes
7. Peach and Soft Green Cupcakes Sweet and delicious, cupcakes are all the rage nowadays. Nothing is prettier that a cupcake. A small, individual...
a blue cake with red and orange flowers on it sitting on top of a table
Turquoise Floral Cake
This gorgeous turquoise floral cake features piped buttercream flowers and a variety of sprinkles for a fun, whimsical design. Get the instructions and photo tutorial to recreate this cake in your own kitchen.
a cake with white frosting and red berries on the top is sitting on a piece of paper
White Chocolate Bark
Easy, pretty chocolate bark that is a perfect holiday treat!!! Best Christmas treat…like ever. So simple. 5 ingredients. 3 minutes of microwave time. So easy. Aaaand, so PRETTY!!!! Just as fun to make as it is to give. Kids loooove to make it. It’s an edible art project. I mean, how fun would these be …
chocolate cookies with raspberry filling are arranged on a sheet of parchment paper and ready to be eaten
Chocolate Raspberry Sandwich Cookies | Love and Olive Oil
Chocolate Raspberry Sandwich Cookies | Love and Olive Oil