The Best Serif Fonts for Blog Designs

Selecting Serif Fonts for Your Blog Design

I like these fonts because I feel like when fonts are serif they look more sophisticated. I especially like the Los Angles one because it looks very fancy. I also like the spacing between the Dallas font.

Cabins by Marie-Laure Cruschi aka Cruschiform

Jonathan Barnbrook - Each piece depicts a different landscape, using vectors in Illustrator to create these simplistic and tranquil looking pieces.

When you see clouds, think of soap! Or at least that's what I get from this effective and creative branding design for soap. The soap product itself is in the shape of a cloud and comes in various pastel colors. The package branding was made to reflect the product by incorporating simple cloud shape designs and using the same pastel colors as the soap. The package layout is consistent by placing the cloud, text, and logo in the same areas throughout the different designs.

Siren Cloud Soap (VELVET) Rose Geranium, Ylang Ylang, Litsea, Orange, Patchouli - Macadamia, Rice Milk and Pink Clay Soap

poster 2.png

The Illustrations of Karolis Strautniekas.The clever and beautifully done illustrations of Lithuanian artist Karolis Strautniekas are very easily admired. You can see many more of his illustrations.

November Sky – Sarah Virginia Home

November Sky

This dramatic landscape is without a doubt a great pick for someone with traditional taste, wanting to update their style. If you love this painting, this would be a great piece to work an entire room

Saatchi Art Artist Sabrina Garrasi; Painting, “Remaining in Silence…

Remaining in Silence..." / Abstract Watercolor Painting by Sabrina Garrasi

Large Watercolor - Original Abstract Art, Abstract Landscape, Contemporary Art / Modern Painting / Abstract Expressionism / Black and White