Take some time for a sauna

The traditional 'vasta' (birch branches), 'kiulu' (wooden bucket) and linen to sit on, natural soap and a lantern to light up the path to the sauna in the darkness ;

fairytale sauna by christie

Fairy Tale House Sheds - Dan Pauly makes them entirely out of reclaimed wood. They can be used as garden sheds, saunas, guest cottages, artist studios and play houses for kids. Aren't they darling?

Finland. Where they take their sauna seriously.

In Finland saunas are a way of life. In a country of roughly 5 million people you will find million saunas.


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Kuva: Ikea.  Vihreää tunnelmaa saunatekstiileillä. #sauna

Kuva: Ikea. Vihreää tunnelmaa saunatekstiileillä. #sauna


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