Free letter writing outline paper. Great for a friendly letter!

Write a letter to your camp leader/counselor --This is a simple outline that you can use with any friendly letter. It includes lines for the five parts of the letter and provides a little extra room for the body (for the more advanced writer).

Word Search Template Freebie for spelling, phonics, or sight words.

Word Search Template Freebie for spelling LOVE creating their own word searches, using spelling words, then fill in with random letters- exchange with a friend and solve!

Writing centers -- if you haven't checked out the Clutter Free Classroom blog then you should because it has some awesome ideas there for teachers and organizing their classrooms.

Clutter-Free Classroom: Writing Centers - Setting Up the Classroom Series by Coco et Peanut

Postcard template, free. Good for after reading an adventurous biography like mrs. Harkness or Ella Kate.

This postcard template can be used for any subject: language arts, social studies, science, math; and at any grade level. It could be used for many projects such as a postcard from a character in a story from a particular setting created by a student or

Postcard printable

Free printable postcard: illustrate with a scene from a book and write to an author, a character, a parent, a pet, a Reading Buddy.