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hippo encounter

Underwater encounter with Hippo by moocatmoocat

Hippo EYEs....alluring.....

Hippo by Laurent Baheux

Hippo yawn by Juliana Marie

Hippopotamus opening its mouth

Crocheted Lace Jewelry Inspired by Organic Specimens

Japanese artist Miho Fujita crochets delicate sculptures of organic matter


Oil painting by Australian artist Lisa Madigan. Interview with Lisa and a tour of her home and studio.

12 DIY Projects & Crafts So Cute You’ll Want to Eat Them All Up

ATTN: fellow green thumbs and plant lovers! Just look at these succulents in happy lil' concrete planters. You can make those planters DIY style.

Crochet Club: The Out & About Backpack!

LoveCrochet Perfect for summer outings, Kate Eastwood’s gorgeous “Out & About” Backpack is great fun to make, and a perfect gift! On those ‘out and about’ sort of days, what could be more perfect




Marc by Marc Jacobs Glenda Cable-Knit Skirt

These are super cute! This seems like something that would make a fun party decoration

Diy hot air balloon lightbulb - I would try filling the areas created with color!