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an old photo with the caption if i knew what i was doing it wouldn't be called research
Laskelmieni mukaan..
a cartoon with an animal saying, but that's an excellent idea only have excellent ideas
an old comic strip with the words, when i come to think of it yes in fact
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a black and white photo with the words in different languages
Mikä noita miehiä vaivaa!?
a sign that is in the middle of a grocery store aisle saying, munien puristelu on sama kun ostopatios
25 parasta ideaa Pinterestissä: Hauskat kuvat
AMAZING AIR SHARK-Updated version
the poem is written in two languages and has an image of people laying on a bed
Mies sanoi vaimolle... - | hauskat kuvat ja jutut | Sarkastinen huumori, Huumori ...
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an image of a cartoon scene with a dog on the ground and a person in the background
an image of a cartoon character in the snow with a caption that reads, vakka sule
an image of a cartoon character talking to another person
two cartoon characters sitting at a table with coffee
a cartoon with an elephant pushing a cart full of eggs in it's trunk
a cartoon character sitting on top of a roof next to an empty thought bubble that says, joss sul dara on nin hippy etenpay