Salla Saarainen

Salla Saarainen

Salla Saarainen
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Peanut Butter (Or Nutella!) Banana Quesadillas! Great New (And Easy!) Breakfast Idea!

Yummy healthy snack or dessert idea - Chocolate peanut butter quesadilla! Spread peanut or almond butter onto a wheat wrap and add banana slices and a few chocolate chips - grill both sides until brown and enjoy a sweet and delicious healthy treat

Storybook Paper Roses bouquet. Smaller ones can be made for the bridesmaids. I want sheet music roses in my bouquet!

Looks hard but if you want to try it, Storybook Paper Roses bouquet. It would killlll me to rip apart a book for this, but this is SUCH a cool idea cost effective.

try this awesome feather nail design that will make your nails look adorable!

Beautiful design by bdettennails! This is her description."Mint To Be is a feather mani I created with this FABULOUS new Indie Polish I received by Mint Polish designer The formula is incredible. The color is called Original Mint" i love it