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a baby wearing a pink hijab sitting on top of a couch
Looking at the presence, curiosity and intelligence in this baby's eyes, the question arises: who or what are we?
a baby is looking at the camera with an expression on it's face that says, otro vez lines no quiero trabjaar?
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Achille le Grand - Google+
a smiling baby wearing a white hat and laying on it's side with its eyes closed
Vow to love and protect....not hurt or harm...ever.
a baby is sitting in the grass with his mouth wide open and eyes wide open
kids & critters & critters' kids Animale Rare, Dogs And Kids, Mans Best Friend, Animals For Kids, Dog Love, Animals Beautiful
kids & critters & critters' kids
a little boy standing next to a pig on a dirt road with a stick in it's mouth
Either the pig talks or the boy plants bean stalks. Not sure which.
a little boy that is walking with some ducks
(via schooners in the rain. | Places: Travel) Under My Umbrella, Singing In The Rain, Palau, Dancing In The Rain, Alam Semula Jadi, People Of The World
(via schooners in the rain. | Places: Travel)
two young children walking down a dirt road holding hands and looking at something in the distance
A helping hand
Big brothers need to watch out for little brothers
a baby standing in the dirt with his hands up
This pic makes me smile. It's great!!! get it baby LOL <3