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the process of making an entree with broccoli and cheese is shown in three different pictures
Chicken Enchilada Dip Recipe - The Cookie Rookie®
Spicy Chicken Enchilada Dip, the BEST DIP EVER! Full of beans, corn, chicken, cheese, enchilada sauce, and cream cheese! SO ADDICTING! Best tailgating dip for any party!
an image of a table set up for a farm party with hay bales and flowers
How To Throw The Best Fall Harvest Party On Your Homestead
Outdoor Fall Harvest Party Set-Up |How To Throw The Best Fall Harvest Festival On Your Homestead
an image of food cooking in a wok on the stove with caption above it
Boiling orange peels
If you want your house to smell heavenly, boil some orange peels with a 1/2 teaspoon of cinnamon on Medium heat. ~ I do this come Fall and everyone loves it - an old Southern trick
the pinter is showing an image of blue balloons in front of a house
Balloon Decoration Ideas - Kids Kubby
Use golf tees to anchor balloons in the ground. Line a walkway or driveway for a party.
two glasses of champagne punch with raspberries in the background
Bubbly Champagne Punch |
Champagne Punch for the holidays, New Years or anytime!
some cheeses are sitting on top of a table with name tags in front of them
New Uses for Office Supplies
Name Tags as Food I.D.s
three pictures showing how to make chocolate pudding in the crock pot with spoons
Slow Cooker Melted Chocolate
Slow Cooker Melted Chocolate ~ A foolproof, easy way to melt chocolate for drizzling, dipping, and candy making. It stays at a perfect melted consistency for hours! Genius.
three glasses filled with green drinks on top of a white plate and striped table cloth
All-Time Favorite New Uses for Old Things
Lollipops as Cocktail Stirrers
cherries with white and red toppings sit on a glass platter
White chocolate dipped cherries
White chocolate dipped cherries....
two glass jars filled with different types of food
What a great way to serve salad at a BBQ, no bug/fly problems!