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Quick tip! Add this exercise to your arsenal!
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3 steps tutorial for turning split leaps | Ballet video
3 steps tutorial to improve your turning split leaps ✨video credit @ these_dancers_have_talent on IG✨
DANCERS! It’s time to put power behind your jumps! Here’s how 👇🏻
As athletes, you have the ability to focus your strength and power in many different ways. 🔥 Being aware of which muscles are best for a variety of skills will help you build strength and a level of skill, beyond just technique. To increase jump height and power, you need to activate your… ⬇️ 💥 Glutes 💥 Hamstrings 💥 Quads These all work together to create resistance that spring you off the floor.⁣ Here is one of my favorite moves you can do to help achieve this… 👇 👉 Reverse lunge airplane to skip Save this exercise for later and get ready to reach new heights when executing your jumps! 📲 #dancefitness #dancerfitness #dancetraining #strongdancer #danceexericse #dancersofinsta #lifeofadancer #fitdancer
The REAL REASON you can’t stop hopping...
...You need to build strength from the bottom up!🦵🏼 ➡️ Starting with the ankles and moving up to the legs and glutes! 💥 This means you need to implement strength training exercises that target the whole leg AND challenge your balance if you want to stop hopping and improve your turns! Here are 3 exercises you can do to strengthen your legs for a strong supporting leg when executing your turns! ⬇️ 👉🏻 Single Leg Deadlift 👉🏻 Reverse Lunge to passe 👉🏻 Sissy Squats ✨ Did you find this helpful? Save it for later & pull it out when you have time to exercise! #dancefitness #dancerfitness #dancetraining #strongdancer #danceexericse #dancersofinsta #lifeofadancer #fitdancer
3 Exercises to Improve Kick Height
Dancers, let's improvee your kick height! 🔥 In order to improve, you need to strengthen your... 👉🏻Hips/rotators for lifting & turn out 👉🏻 Quads for lifting 👉🏻 Core for stability 👉🏻Glutes and adductors for supporting leg strength 🔥 SAVE the exercises in this reel so you can start kicking so high your leg smacks you right in the face! 😅
Balance/stability exercises for dance | dance tips | dance technique
4 Stretches for Better Kicks
Are you a dancer needing better kicks? These 4 stretches will help you with strength and flexibility. Remember to: • Continue to breathe • Hold each stretch for 30 seconds • Stay hydrated • Gently transition to each new stretch
a collage of photos with the words how to get higher kick's on it
Higher Kicks Fast: Dance How-To
Higher Kicks Fast: Dance How-To - YouTube
My favorite ATF exercises to sneak strength training into your classes.
3 strength exercises to help your calypsos! Have you tried them? Save it for your next workout 🥰🔥