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a table set for four with silverware and napkins on it, including two coffee mugs
DIY incense burner
Art, Deko, Ilustrasi, Haus, Knutselen, Handarbeit
mauvais gout (sometimes)
a candle that is sitting on top of a shelf with some kind of animal design
a black and gold polka dot coffee mug on a white background with the lid off
a green and gold bowl sitting on top of a white table
Citrus Juicer
two ceramic vases sitting next to each other
Schaller Gallery
there is a vase with flowers and seashells in it on the wall shelf
A tiny ceramic shelve I made to display treasures I find in nature
a woman's hand holding a green coffee mug
Retro green mug
a black and white coffee mug with skulls on the inside is sitting in front of a gray background
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