Finnish summer <3

Cottage homes arrive in a range of styles which range from sophisticated beach cottage to charming country themes. Throw some personal belongings in, .

Washing the carpet outdoors. Finland. Maton pesulla

It's a summertime thing in Finland to wash your rag rugs outside by the lake. if you had a Finnish mother.

kesäyö-midsummer night

This makes living in Finland great - the nightless nights. Hopefully we have this great weather during midsummer festivities.

When harvest comes for each crop, be thorough. The best specimens will go right to the table. All crops need to be harvested.


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Kortti; 10 asiaa kesästä | Anna-Mari West Photography

Kortti; 10 asiaa kesästä | Anna-Mari West Photography

Vielä on kesää jäljellä... #korvamato #kesäloma #annamariwest - nannumaria

Vielä on kesää jäljellä.


Clover -- how I loved the clover fields. We would chew on the flowers which are filled with honey.