Beach Campfires.

Such a good summertime cuddle session idea. The beach is a pretty classic place for a picnic. There is something magical about a fire pit and the ocean breeze.

table for two with a view

Window with a view, morning routine, morning coffee, kitchen design. I could do mornings with a view like this!

Life is a journey...

And she saw him there just at the edge of the mist. She always knew he would eventually arrive it had only been a matter of time and patience.

It has been said many times that our world in headed in a dangerous direction that will have severe consequences. Yet, the path to dest.

Country Road

"Someone's road home from work this once was/ Who may be ahead of you on foot /Or creaking with a buggy load of grain.


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that first real snow. - beautiful

BEAUTIFUL color the whol;e background is out of cous and you can just see the pretty snowflakes falling and the blossems

Cherry Blossom Moon

Moon and cherry blossoms . Night viewing cherry blossoms is something I learned during Hanami in Tokyo. The flowers have a different, beguiling energy at night. If you have the chance,you must stand under them at night. Its a rare and fragrant treat.


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