Lily of the Valley - the national flower of Finland

my birth month flower in all its splendor--scent of my childhood and my grandma's garden.

Over 8,000 crocheted afghans covered the steps of the Helsinki Cathedral in Finland. Often, Yarnbombing is done for charity or a cause. The Helsinki Cathedral yarnbombing installation was done in an attempt to break the Guinness World Record for the largest crocheted patchwork quilt in the world and then the quilts were donated.

One of my places in Helsinki. So the cathedral + yarn bombed steps is extra special.Granny Square afghans on the steps outside Helsinki's Cathedral, Finland. Photo by Peter Morris.

Finnish national flower "kielo" , Convallaria majalis

Finnish national flower "kielo" , Convallaria majalis -- Lily of the favorite scent.

Finland, lapland shoes

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Arctic bramble / Mesimarja, Finland

Mesimarja - Rubus arcticus - Arctic bramble, the flavor of the berry is one of the finest ones

In Finland, people make these kind of outdoor lanterns with snowballs. They put special outdoor candles inside.

Make a beautiful outdoors snow candle holder from layers of hard snowballs. Assemble them in circles and place a chunky candle inside. They look lovely and Christmassy out in the snow with the candles flickering inside.

So pretty. Finnish Joulutortut (Star Pastries) Photo: Craig Lee, Special To The Chronicle

Holiday traditions of Finland bring warmth and light

Welcome to the Nordic of Salmiakki!

Welcome to the Nordic States of Salmiakki, salty liquorice.