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a maze that looks like it is going to the top of a hill with an arrow
Free Mazes – Beautiful Mazes on the Web!
the nature hunt printable game for kids
Nature Hunt Bingo
Nature Hunt Bingo - A super fun outdoor game for kids that encourages exploration of the world around them!
a book cover with an illustration of a mouse eating a piece of food in the grass
Luontopolku lapsille
Luontopolku lapsille - materiaali.
the book cover for karpalo, with an image of a fox and a bird
Karpalo, luonnonharrastusta lapsille - Luonto-Liitto
the book cover for terratonti toivo, with an image of people dressed in
two pieces of art made out of sticks and flowers sitting on the ground next to each other
Nature Weaving Craft and Solar Oven S'mores
Craftiments: Nature Weaving Craft
a poster with pictures of bugs and other insects on it's back side, which includes
Minibeast Spotting Form (SB2204)
MINIBEAST SPOTTING FORM: Great printable sheet with a good selection of common minibeasts for a little hunt. From Sparklebox.
the free printable scavenger hunt for children to learn how to write and draw
30+ Free Printable Scavenger Hunts for Kids
Over 30 Free Printable Scavenger Hunts for Kids that are perfect to keep kids busy over summer!
an illustrated book cover with children playing in the park
a book cover with an image of a squirrel in the snow and green leaves surrounding it
Tarinoita metsästä — Luonnonsuojeluliitto
Tarinoita metsästä materiaali
Luonto- ja elämysliikunta.
Luonto- ja elämysliikunta
Luonto- ja elämysliikunta.