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generatorcat: “ this art think it’s supposed to be powerful all I can think of a young werewolf who can’t shift yet at her older sibling dragging her back from.

People think I started getting emotional (angry, sad, hurt etc.) But really its the same way ive felt all my life under different circumstances, its just i dont hide behind a mask anymore and I let my emotions show, I feel free.

CTC 2 Step 3 Continued: Women cannot normally bare the pain of losing a child so for Patria to bare the pain and continue life and act like nothing is wrong so others would not worry, she is a very strong and considerate character.

Soooooo Azalia when she's crazy @lizrdofdredford

character idea *i feel like this is what i'm going to look like later, because she looks so tired and done and i can just relate to that right now*