Wonder what the name of the "pile up" game is in frog-speak.

~~Red-Eyed Tree Frog, Mother and Babies ~ 4 baby tree frogs sit on their mother's head~~ a frog pile!

Photograph Little Vole by Simon Roy on 500px

A young wild Bank Vole (Myodes glareolus) feeding from the top of a Saffron Milk Cap (Lactarius deliciosus).

Giraffe, Kenya

A Giraffe bending its knees to reach the refreshing water. We normally see giraffe spreading their legs wide apart when bending for water.

Tucson Funny Pictures (02:40:07 PM, Monday 27, June 2016) – 60 pics

NOT a real color for a peacock but a pretty photoshop production Yes, this is the very rare Marius kayicus photoshopicus peafowl. It's natural habitat is in the board of gullible pinners.

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Brown Bear - I just want to sit on the rock with him and split a jar of peanut butter