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Rose gold brunette. Manic Panic Cotton Candy Pink plus Psychedelic Sunset (peach). One part each color to two parts conditioner | How Do It Info
Incandescent Rose Gold Highlights: Hairstylist Shelley Gregory explained via Instagram that she achieved this hair color by first using a babylight foil, then toning with a demi-permanent color, and finally, layering on a dilution of Pravana Chromasilk Vivids in pink, $9, mixed with Olaplex No. 2, $30
Pink/lavender tint to dirty blonde hair with balayage highlights.. Instagram- froufrou412
Favorite brunette/rose ombre so far!! More
Balayage de feu : 13 coiffures à adopter sans plus attendre ! - Tendance coiffure
This is much more in the right shade family for the lighter tip/ombre look.
I guess when I say red I mean this or like strawberry blond
when my hair gets long enough i'm going back to my red....and i don't care if Mike says no!!!! it's my hair!! haha
Long, straight red hair with bangs... why my hair not pretty like that???
Stunning Hair in Copper Shades!