sarri schonert

sarri schonert

sarri schonert
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Rose gold brunette. Manic Panic Cotton Candy Pink plus Psychedelic Sunset (peach). One part each color to two parts conditioner | How Do It Info

Brunettes get a rough deal. While everyone has been trying out rainbow hair shades this season, it's a lot easier for blondes to get the look. Hair chalk just

Pink/lavender tint to dirty blonde hair with balayage highlights.. Instagram- froufrou412

Pink/lavender tint to dirty blonde hair with balayage highlights- fantasy hair color- fantasy hair color pastel- fantasy hair color ombre

I guess when I say red I mean this or like strawberry blond

This is a good example of LYNN. Long wavy red hair with bangs hairstyle and black framed glasses

Stunning Hair in Copper Shades!

Red copper hair, Never going back to my old hairstyle! It does take time to style whether you are curling it or straightening it but totally worth it…, copper hair color for auburn ombre brown amber balayage and blonde hairstyles