“One of the finest protectresses of the Helsinki White Guard., a student at the University of Technology, bearing three bandoliers and a large pistol. Altogether Miss E.

“Finland’s cause is ours! For a bigger battle join the Volunteer Corps”- Swedish poster responding to the Soviet invasion of Finland

Simo Hayha, the Finnish sniper with 505 confirmed kills in the Winter War…

Finnish people evacueted quickly from their villages in Carelia, summer photo from War Archives (SA) Finland

Young men of South Ostrobothnia (region in Finland) somewhere in Karelia, in Heikki Sepänmaa, Leo Sippola and Yrjö Pohjasmäki. They are armed with Suomi submachine guns.

Simo Häyhä receiving the honorary rifle from division commander.

Finnish Ski Troops.

A group of Finnish alpine troops on skis. (Credit: Hulton-Deutsch Collection/CORBIS/Corbis via Getty Images)

Lapsisotilaat Child Soldiers During the Finnish Civil War both armies used juvenile soldiers, mainly between 14 and 17 years of age, the most famous example being Urho Kekkonen who fought for the.

"Mannerheim Cross Knight Lieutenant Larry Thorne" Soldier of three armies, finnish war, world war 2 vietnam Finnish pvt.

Karelians being evacuated, description says winter war, but it could be after Continuation war June 1941 – 19 September Finland

Female Red Guard member Hilja Eskelinen who fought in Finnish Civil War in the Viipuri Womens' Company of the Red Guard, alongside with 150 other women, 1918

"Finland's Cause Is Your Cause – join the volunteer squad! Poster in Sweden for the support our neighbor Finland against the Soviet attack. [Plus ça change.

And now, get finally out of our yard!

Cartoon depicting the Winter War. Date, origin unknown. Caption reads "Stop it now - out of my yard!

Two child soldiers who fought and died on opposing sides in the Finnish Civil War 1918 Finland

Civil War - Red soldiers from Artjärvi., Vuorinen brothers. Punakaartilaisia Artjärveltä, Vuorisen veljekset.