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These chocolate strawberry coconut butter cups are a delicious paleo dessert. Rich chocolate cups stuffed with homemade strawberry coconut butter? Kind of my your new favorite vegan chocolate cups, pretty sure! These paleo chocolate cups made with only five ingredients but are super impressive. Yum!
Janitan kätösistä: Lapinsukat Mallin nimi on Pohjantähti sukat ja löytyy Suuri käsityölehti tammikuu 2004
Vegan Turkey Style Deli Slices -- made with beans and gluten flour
MABLEMITTEN Womens Knitted Mitten
You won’t even miss the beef. #healthy #veggieburger
Crispy Chickpea Cutlet
This vegan loaf is so moist and flavorful that you won't need stuffing or even gravy. It's gluten-free and soy-free, too!
We love this comforting soup that tastes like lasagna. It's so simple to make and easy to make vegan, vegetarian and gluten free. What a delicious dinner!
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