Embroidery with silk ribbon

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an embroidered rose pattern is shown on a piece of cloth with different colors and sizes
Silk Ribbon Embroidery Roses Flower Patterns Sampler
an open box with flowers on the inside
Silk Ribbon Embroidery
Silk Ribbon Embroidery
a white wall hanging with pink flowers and green leaves on it's side in a circular frame
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Hand Embroidery Salmon Roses Wall Hanging With Beads-Wall Art
instructions for how to tie a flower with ribbon
eyecatcher op een jasje... Foto geplaatst door wndy op Welke.nl
Ribbon Roses - Tutorial ❥ 4U // hf
a mannequin wearing a white bra with pink flowers and pearls on the bust
silk ribbon embroidery
a bag with flowers painted on it
Silk Ribbon Embroidery
sewing supplies are laid out on a table next to a sewing machine
jumbo floss bobbins
Jumbo floss card printables for bias tape by bego diaz, via Flickr
the words are made up of different types of letters and numbers, all in bright colors
This Insignificant Life
❥ You Are Loved
Sew a little love: Home Sweet Home Home Décor, Décor, Home, Chic Design, Trendy Outfits Indian, Juju, Costura
Home Tour Part 3: My hiding place...
Sew a little love: Home Sweet Home
a handbag with pink flowers on it
Knitted bag with silk ribbon embroidery
Knitted Handbag Di van Niekerk
a pink rose with green leaves and blue flowers on a white background that looks like fabric
a cross stitch book with flowers on it and the words i love you written in cursive writing
西武渋谷サンイデー文化祭展示作品④ | 東京・自由が丘 | 日本リボン刺しゅう協会 | 井上ちぐさのリボン刺しゅう&カルトナージュ教室 Atelier Claire(アトリエクレア)
Ribbon Embroidery [Atelier Claire]
two white bags with red and yellow flowers on them sitting on a table next to pillows
Photo Storage
two bags with red roses on them sitting next to each other
Комплект "Крымская роза" в интернет-магазине на Ярмарке Мастеров | Джанкой - доставка по России. Товар продан.
Beautiful ribbon roses by Марина Завгородняя