Kansallislintu Laulujoutsen

Finland celebrates 100 years of Independence on December Kansallislintu Laulujoutsen

Arctic bramble / Mesimarja, Finland. Rubus arcticus, the Arctic bramble or Arctic raspberry

Mesimarja - Rubus arcticus - Arctic bramble, the flavor of the berry is one of the finest ones

Finnish people don't talk to strangers, but they go naked to the sauna with them - True :-D

Yet another Finnish Problem --and one I would have if I lived in Finland. I have lots of Moomin stuff as it is.

Keltavahvero eli kanttarelli (Cantharellus cibarius)

Keltavahvero eli kanttarelli (Cantharellus cibarius)

Oisko teillä hetki aikaa keskustella ilmastonlämpenemisestä?

May 2017 in Finland: "Please, would you have time to discuss climate warming?


And there's nothing sexy about it - you're supposed to wear your oldest, ugliest underwear.

Finnish Nightmares 16.1.2016 – Kaikille tilaa riittää, kaikille paikkoja on - Viihde - Ilta-Sanomat

Finnish Nightmares – Kaikille tilaa riittää, kaikille paikkoja on