This is an incredible way to lighten up your brown hair to blonde, check how to achieve this ombre hairstyle

I'm loving this brown to blonde ombre rght now, and her curls are just too pretty to be true. The only curls I can get are really right ones because of how small my barrel is, and so I've always wanted to achieve these loose bouncy curls.

Blonde Hair On Top Dark Hair Under crimson red with four different blonds black and carmel on topI want my hair to look like this!

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I love this red and blonde hair combo!it's official when i dye my hair back blonde i am getting bright red peak a boo highlights in it! I don't want that much in my hair but maybe the underneath part

Subtle Caramel Pops

Subtle Caramel Pops (Mane Interest)

Hair color idea for neutral brunettes – ask for subtle and darker caramel highlights for a blended, sunkissed look. Color by Cami Sullivan. Filed under: Hair Color, Hair Styles, Hair Stylists Tagged:

Red under layer hair. would look awesome with brown hair on top and purple on botttom

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Blonde High Lights with Low Lights and dark brown under the bottom. LOVE THIS LOOK!!!!

Someday if i ever want to go back somewhat blond.Pretty Hair Colors – Hairstyles and Beauty Tips

Love her hair!!! Maybe...blonde under dark, no one would see my eventual roots! lol

Picture: Cassadee Pope of 'The Voice.' Pic is in a photo gallery for Cassadee Pope (The Voice) featuring 6 pictures.

30 Fabulous Ideas for Brown Hair with Blonde Highlights - Hairstyle For Women

I love the colorful dye underneath the main color! I'm a ginger right now, and I LOVE my vibrant red hair with my blue eyes, but I also want to add in a few shades of purple underneath!

I love my dark brown hair but every once in a while I long to go vibrant red or blue... Compromise?

Red under chocolate brown coloring and long layers cut by Harmon Harmon Harmon Cottone in our Panama City Beach location.

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