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All the recipes from our online recipe notebook:

This bread is amazing! It’s delicious, full of healthy fats and satisfying ( you can eat max 2 slices of it and then you are completely full). So it makes a perfect weekend breakfast with eggs sunny side up, a quick post workout meal with cottage cheese or an evening snack.

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Cauliflower bread is a nice side dish with pulled pork:

CAULIFLOWER BREAD 2.0 This is a the second version of trying to make a delicious gluten free cauliflower bread. The first one was a bit flat… This one is gluten free as well as dairy free. And to be this healthy bread, it was pretty good. I think 100g of grated hard cheese would lift this bread to a whole another level, though.

THAI CHICKEN STEW It might be a good idea to use two pans for cooking. This makes about 12 servings…

BOUILLABAISSE FISHY BUSINESS Just so good…. This recipe makes altogether 10 portions.

STRAWBERRY TIRAMISU - HEAVEN, SUMMER AND STRAWBERRY FIELDS IN YOUR MOUTH Oh-la-laa! Strawberries and mascarpone; great simple ingredients and no oven – so easy and oh so delicious. This cake serves about six persons. We have made this cake already a couple of times and it’s always a joy to eat it with a good company. The feedback of the taste is always delighted ‘oohs’ and ‘aahs’ – no exceptions.

SPINACH PIE WITH SWEET POTATO CRUST It’s not always fun to cook food every day… We wanted to cook a dish which would last for more than a couple of days – and for this purpose this recipe unfortunately was not the optimal choice. It was very yummy and only because the pie was very big, it lasted for four portions. Of course you can eat smaller portions.. if you can ;)

Baked potatoes with smoked salmon filling – SaJe <3 Food Own recipe. A very good dinner idea if you don’t have a lot of space in your flat (we don’t, so 6 people were dining at the small living room table). Potatoes fit perfectly even on smaller plates, they are fast to prepare and simply delicious. For dessert we served this Tiramisu… :9 nomnom


This was kind of a mix of many recipes I found from the internet… Searched with words: quick-, easy-, not-time-consuming-, paleo-, best croissant recipes. Surprisingly the result ended up being not only delicious but also cloudy and soft with many layers! I warmly recommend making these – perfect breakfast/brunch/lunch for a sunday, especially after a night out : )