Sauna in Ranco / Panorama Arquitectos

i LOVE this!!! there is no other water therapy as cleansing and recalibarting as a sauna for me and the more steam the better.

It is another day with ninety degree heat and humidity. Many of the older cabins in this area have saunas which their residents still use and dearly love. This barrel-shaped sauna is near a rebuilt Scandinavian cottage on Williams Lake, Mn.

ihana sauna!

Would love one of these! sauna like Russians- get sweaty, roll around in the snow, warm up again (supposedly good for immune system and invigorates metabolism )

Black Sauna for me please!!

Saunas that I enjoy looking at. Beautiful saunas, saunas with interest. Saunas that I wish I had the pleasure to use.

NuBuiten inspiratie // Sauna // Bekijk ons nieuwe assortiment sauna's op http://nubuiten.nl/sauna-eupin.html

Saunas that I enjoy looking at. Beautiful saunas, saunas with interest. Saunas that I wish I had the pleasure to use.

No, that’s not a quirky prop from the Harry Potter movie set. It’s an adorable custom-built house by Rustic Way, a Minnesota-based company that can produce these these structures in a variety of sizes from teeny-tiny sauna size (as pictured above) to guest houses that are 12×12 feet. The structures are made from salvaged wood and can be shipped all over the United States.

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beautiful The Rustic Way Whimsical Huts Built With Reclaimed Wood It looks like a kids playhouse. Love the work of Dan Pauly from The Rustic Way when it comes to building garden sheds, playhouses, warming houses, cot.

a "savusauna" -- a smoke sauna. Smoke saunas have experienced great revival in recent years since they are considered superior by the connoisseurs. They are not, however, likely to replace all or even most of the regular saunas because more skill, effort and time (usually most of the day) are needed for the heating process.

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In Finland saunas are a way of life. In a country of roughly 5 million people you will find million saunas.

Finnish Sauna

Water Bucket, ladle and Vihta / Vasta in sauna. Vihta or Vasta is in english birch whisk used in sauna. The use of Vihta or Vasta is slap repeatedly our bodies. That aids your circulatory system, cleans and refresh your skin and it& also like a massage.

sauna in Ranco, Chile. Get all steamy in the sauna then jump in the lake. I miss michigan.

Sauna in Ranco / Panorama Arquitectos

A remote cabin sauna overlooks a peaceful lake in central Chile, providing serenity and relaxation to its guests. The Lakefront Sauna by Panorama Arquitec

Smoke sauna, broad woodplanks TähtiSavu-savusauna - Rokua Konserni

Then you go sauna, swim, go sauna, swim etc for hours